A medication review is an in-pharmacy review of patient’s medications, with the aim of optimising medication use to improve health outcomes and minimise medication misadventure. Pharmacists sit with patients and discuss their medicationwhich also includes education, self-management, compliance and importantly an opportunity to discuss and identify any potential adverse effects, concerns and issues the patient is experiencing.

For patients suffering from diabetes, there is also a specific Diabetes Medication Review which provides the additional focus of diabetes medication management.

Eligibility Criteria

A Medication Review is completely subsidised by the government for all eligible patients as per Community Pharmacy Agreement Specific Guidelines. This means they must:

  • Have a Medicare and/or a DVA card
  • Have not received a Medication Review, Home Medication Review or Residential Aged Care Medication Review in the last 12 months
  • Be living at home in a community setting
  • Be taking five or more prescription medications and/or have had a recent significant medical event
  • Be taking a medication associated with a high risk of adverse events

To be eligible for a Diabetes Medication Review a patient must (in addition to the criteria set above):

  • Have recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (within 12 months) or have less than ideally controlled Type 2 Diabetes; and
  • Be unable to gain timely access to a diabetes educator

After the review, the patient will be provided a copy of the notes made together so that they can discuss them with their doctor if they wish. Medication reviews provide patients a clearer understanding of their medications and identify if anything can be made better, safer, or simpler.